About USAction

USAction builds power by uniting people locally and nationally, on-the-ground and online, to win a more just and progressive America.

USAction organizes for power, for democracy and for change.

We organize for power because unequal distribution of power allows the privileged few to pursue their own ends at the expense of the dignity and well-being of the many. We organize for power to guarantee all Americans the self-evident rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

We organize for democracy because a just society only exists where all citizens have an equal voice. By promoting open debate, diversity and respect for individual rights, everyone can contribute to the common good.

We organize for change because, as Dr. Martin Luther King famously wrote, “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” We have a moral obligation to bring an end to an unjust status quo and allow all people to live their lives in peace – not just in America, but in all corners of the world. Therefore, our preferred means for resolving international conflicts are diplomacy, dialogue and negotiations.

USAction promotes investments in America’s future:

  • Good jobs. We support good-paying jobs with good American benefits for everyone in America. We support a safety net for the unemployed and an end to hiring discrimination against unemployed Americans.
  • Health care. We support quality, affordable health care for all. That is why we worked hard to create Health Care for America Now (HCAN) and pass the Affordable Care Act (ACA).
  • An end to wars. We support a responsible end to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and an end to Pentagon spending on wasteful, obsolete, Cold War-era weapons systems.
  • Responsible budgeting. We support ending the Bush-era tax cuts for the richest Americans and making sure millionaires and corporations pay their fair share.
  • Rebuilding American infrastructure. We support rebuilding our infrastructure – everything from crumbling public schools to roads, bridges and levees. At the same time, we support efforts to promote clean energy, improve public transportation and end our dependence on foreign oil.

Penn Action is a project of USAction.


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