Penn Action Volunteers Deliver Over 300 Letters to Sen. Casey and Sen. Toomey

Over 300 constituent letters in opposition to the Blunt Amendment being delivered to Sen. Casey's office in Philadelphia

On Thursday, March 15, 2012, Penn Action volunteers delivered over 300 constituent letters to the Philadelphia offices of Sen. Casey and Sen. Toomey in opposition to their votes in support of the Blunt Amendment.

The Blunt Amendment would have made it possible for any employer to deny coverage for any medical service to which they objected on “moral” grounds. This is not only about birth control, although it certainly is about that too. This is about discrimination and we need to let both Sen. Casey and Sen. Toomey know that their votes were not okay.

By voting to strip the Affordable Care Act of crucial protections, both Sen. Case and Sen. Toomey voted to allow any employer to deny coverage for any medical service by simply citing “moral reasons”.  Sen. Blunt (R-MO), who sponsored the amendment, has vowed to continue the fight to restrict women’s access to contraception. Of course, it’s impossible to know if the denial of coverage would stop with contraception since employers could find “moral reasons” to object to practically any medical procedure. This weakening of rights gained by the Affordable Care Act could impact not only women and their families, but also single parents, LGBT families and anyone who might practice beliefs outside of what his/her employer considers “moral”.  Penn Action is fighting back.

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