Delivery of Scorecard comparing the Affordable Care Act to what Rep. Fitzpatrick says he wants from health care reform

Penn Action volunteers met with Rep. Fitzpatrick, who is a vocal opponent of the Affordable Care Act, to ask him to think about what he says he wants in healthcare reform and what the Affordable Care Act does.   He may see that most of what he wants is in the new law.   We want –
  • the Affordable Care Act made stronger, not defunded or repealed
  • Medicare protected and strengthened
  • the attacks on women and women’s health to stop
  • Cong. Fitzpatrick to take his name off HR 3 until the forcible rape language is removed
  • Cong. Fitzpatrick to vote NO on HR 3
After our meeting, the Congressman knew that he represents constituents who know
  • that although the ACA is not the bill we wanted, it is helping tens of millions of people right now and so we want to strengthen it, not destroy it
  • that the “$500B cuts in Medicare” are not cuts in benefits and do not jeopardize the program
  • that defunding family planning services will lead to more abortions
  • denying women access to abortion will lead to women dying
  • what the Congressman today described as “peripheral services” (cancer screenings) are actually part of the 96% of what Planned Parenthood does aside from abortions
  • that the ACA already does nearly everything he says he wants health care reform to do
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